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Your workforce is the backbone of your business and keeping them happy and satisfied ensures that not only will they stay with you for a long time, but also provide you with excellent outputs.

Numerous studies have suggested that happy workers are 12% More Productive.

One of the many ways to make sure that you have happy workers is by paying them right and on time, every time.

Leave your payroll system in the best hands!

Skyway Bookkeeping & BAS is a trusted payroll services provider in Brisbane since 2001 – helping organisations keep their staffs happy, minimise their expenses and achieve compliance at the same time. We have provided accurate and cost-effective bookkeeping and payroll processing services to small and medium-sized businesses in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs.

With our skills, experience and utilisation of the most efficient software when it comes to payroll services Brisbane, we can make sure that your workers’ wages are accurate and on time. To achieve this feat, we have created a 4-step system that worked perfectly for over 15 years.

Every pay period, send us an email or fax of you employee timesheet (which we will supply)
Pay run will be processed according to the agreed time frame
We will send the net figures to pay your workers via email and/or fax
Pay slips will be sent via post and/or email for each employee.

Cloud based technology has made accounts and bookkeeping even simpler!

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